Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko are meant to be one of the world’s top solar panel manufacturers. So is this a good thing? And what does it mean? What do Jinko solar panels offer which makes them a good choice for you? Let’s take a critical look at these panels.

Company Background

Jinko is a large solar panel manufacturing company. With over 12,000 employees world-wide it is without a doubt one of the largest solar panel producers in the world. Jinko has 6 manufacturing facilities – all based in China. Plus they have many subsidiaries around the world including sales and support teams even here in Australia.

jinko solar panels map

How Does Jinko Compare?

Jinko panels are made by a vertically integrated company (Jinko). This means that they handle ALL of the manufacturing processes. Some other solar panel producers may only assemble panels and have other parts of the manufacturing done elsewhere. This means Jinko have a huge amount of control over the quality of their final product as you can imagine.

Jinko have performed extremely well over several years in the Photon Lab module yield test.

In 2016-2017 Jinko Solar took out the number one spot in Choice magazine / CSIRO tests scoring 91%.

Jinko Solar has successfully completed the Positive Quality continuous quality assurance program conducted by the Australian Solar Council.

Jinko are of course a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer (Bloomberg).

On top of all the above, naturally Jinko have an excellent warranty on par with most other solar panel options. Plus they are a very affordable option compared to most other panels which makes them even more attractive.

Product Range

As you can imagine, given the company size, Jinko have a vast range of solar panels on the market.

We stock 2 Jinko panels – others may be available on request.

Jinko Eagle Solar Panels – 275W – This multicrystalline panel is exceptional value for money and is suitable for most applications. Comes with all the Jinko solar panels benefits and is an excellent choice for anyone wanting great quality and good value.
Download Jinko Eagle Datasheet

Jinko solar panels

Jinko Eagle PERC Solar Panels – 300W – The PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) version of Jinko’s Eagle panel is a step up from the standard Eagle panels.  It has a slightly better temperature co-efficient and efficiency and is a monocrystalline cell structure.
Download Jinko Eagle PERC Datasheet

Jinko Eagle PERC Panels

Hardy Solar – Working With Jinko

Hardy Solar have installed many hundreds of jobs using Jinko solar panels. And as a local solar installer with an excellent reputation to keep, we can testify that these panels are one of the top options available on the Australian market today. We even installed a tender job for the Tweed Shire Council using 300W Jinko PERC Solar Panels (39.6kW total job size) – Download the case study here.

tweed museum solar system