We generally use the Tier List created by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a guide as to what solar panels should be installed. If a client requests a certain Solar Panel we can accommodate them, however we suggest only using a Tier 1 Solar Panel.

Tier 1 Solar Panels

Many of the cheaper panels on the market are cheap for a reason. It is important to understand why they are so much cheaper than other systems on the market. There are panels available in Australia that are less than half the price of other panels available. If it seems to good to be true it probably is!

Do not be naive to think that every panel is the same. Do your research; ask lots of questions to ensure you are getting the best quality and value system.

Other key points to look out for when purchasing solar panels includes:

  • Are the panels salt mist warranted?
  • Are they panels ammonia corrosion warranted?
  • Are the panels cyclone proof?
  • Who provide warranty for the panels and where is the warranty held?
  • How long have the manufacturers been operating?
  • What is the process for warranty replacements if you are not in business?
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JINKO Solar Panel Datasheets

275W JINKO Poly Datasheet
300W JINKO Mono Datasheet
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SUNTECH Panel Datasheets

275W SUNTECH Poly Datasheet
300W SUNTECH Mono Datasheet
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SUNPOWER Panel Datasheets

315W SUNPOWER Panel Datasheet
327W SUNPOWER Panel Datasheet
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Risen Panel Datasheets

285W Split Cell Datasheet
315W Split Cell Datasheet

REC Panel Datasheet

315W REC panel Datasheet
one of the most efficient solar panel brands

Q Cells Panel Datasheets

325W Q Cells panel Datasheet
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LG Solar Panel Datasheets

330W LG Panel Datasheet
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Longi Solar Panel Datasheets

360W – 380W Longi Solar Panel Datasheet