Aren’t All Solar Installers The Same?

Why should you take care with solar system choices?

There are loads of reasons to be careful with your choice when going solar. First and foremost is of course safety. While most solar systems are installed reasonably well, catastrophic failures can and have occurred. In the worst case this could even cause a fire! Then of course a less serious but still very important concern is savings! If your system isn’t installed optimally, you can miss out on savings which add up over time. Products will also affect your savings – especially if you need to endure downtime due to faulty components.

What bad products can do

The images below are a good example of why care should be taken with choosing the products in your solar system. These are just a couple of examples of jobs Hardy Solar has been called in to repair.

Do cheap solar products mean lower savings?

Yes. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to solar products. But – paying top dollar doesn’t always buy you quality products. As long as you’ve done your homework on the products you are buying – and the installer who does the job, paying a reasonable amount for your installation will deliver more savings than finding the cheapest solar system available on the market!

Implications of poor choice:

  • Poor system performance

  • Reduced system life

  • Overall lifetime savings slashed

  • System component failure

  • Down-time = zero power bill savings

  • Catastrophic system failure

Why do some cheap solar panels turn yellow?

The backing on solar panels is called the EVA. When you choose to buy cheap solar panels, the EVA component is of a cheaper grade than premium solar panels. Because of this, you can see many major problems occur with panels turning yellow. Some studies suggest that it’s only a visual fault. Even so, it doesn’t look very nice! But others suggest that panel efficiency may suffer a reduction anywhere between 11% – 47%! This is very worrying and will definitely impact on your solar savings. Other causes of panel yellowing may be buildup of heat in areas of the panel. This buildup should not occur but in cheaper products, it can. When care is not taken to ensure complete uniformity in panel components – heat spots may buildup and this could potentially even cause a fire.

Why Choose Hardy Solar?

Jinko Eagle PERC Panels


Solar products are the foundation of a good solar power system. Hardy solar only partner with the highest quality product providers in the solar industry. Our partners are experienced, premium, tier 1 product providers.

Premium Panels

We only sell tier 1, premium solar panels. Our range of options can fit any budget and perform to any specification. Our top range products such as SUNPOWER will offer the highest possible level of quality in a solar panel. All of our other solar panels are highly scrutinized for quality assurance and have been independently verified as top performers in the industry.

Premium Inverters

We only use the best solar inverters. Inverters are the heart of your solar system. If there is a problem with your inverter then it’s very likely you’ll have a major drop in solar savings. Our top-of-the-range inverters include European-made SMA and Fronius. While we have also discovered a select few Chinese-made suppliers such as Sungrow who have unparalleled quality at an affordable price.

Premium Solar Components

As you can see from the images above, it’s not always the panels or inverter that matter when it comes to quality. Hardy Solar only use the best components in every part of your solar installation. This means you can rest easy knowing your system is of the highest quality all-round!


A key part of your solar system purchase is the installation. This is often overlooked and can be a major source of problems. One only needs to take a glance at the Crap Solar Facebook page to get an idea of some of the atrocious results from poor installations.

When installation is neglected, many things can go wrong. At Hardy Solar, we make sure that every installation is completed with the highest attention to detail. Our in-house installation team is fully qualified and very experienced. We have come across every scenario possible when it comes to installation and will get the job done perfectly every time. Your installation is even backed with a 10 year warranty – that’s how confident we are.

Premium Installation by all in House CEC accredited installers.

Our solar installers are all managed in-house. This means that you avoid install teams who get paid-per-installation by their “boss” company. Those types of installers do not care about the install quality – their job is make the largest profit possible from the job, then move to the next one. This leads to cutting corners and rushing installations.

Hardy Solar also only uses CEC accredited installation specialists. This means the team installing your solar knows the rules and plays by them! They are highly experienced and have qualified under the CEC guidelines as solar installers.

Approved CEC Retailer

Hardy Solar is an approved CEC retailer. This is a big deal and requires a great deal of effort to achieve! Some other installers may be “CEC accredited” but this is very different to being an Approved CEC Retailer. We are very proud of this achievement – and it means you can be sure we will do the job properly from start to finish.

Warranty & Service

Industry best practice used throughout all of our installations

We ensure that all of our practices are done by the book. Our installations are always done to the top standards possible in the solar industry.

10 year installation warranty

We proudly offer one of the best installation warranties in the solar industry! A 10 year solar installation warranty means that you can be at ease with the quality of work done at your premises.

Paperwork done from start to finish

Let us handle all the paperwork. We handle the approvals, rebate paperwork and installation/commissioning details with your local energy network provider. Our experienced team is here to help in whatever way we can.

After sales support

It’s common for installers to drop the ball after an installation. This is very unfortunate and can be extremely frustrating for consumers. We rely heavily on our reputation and have built it up over many years.

We want your solar system to perform at it’s best and are here if you need us after the installation is complete. Our team is well trained and friendly – we’re more than happy to assist with any post-installation queries you may have.