How can I tell if my Solar Installer is Accredited?

A Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Solar Installer is a professional who has met the high standards of the CEC, which is the peak body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. The CEC Accredited Installer program is designed to ensure that solar PV and battery storage systems are installed safely and to a high quality.

To become a CEC Accredited Installer, an individual must complete the necessary training and assessment, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the technical and safety requirements of solar and battery storage systems. The CEC regularly reviews and updates its accreditation program to ensure that accredited installers are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.

By choosing a CEC Accredited Installer, consumers can have confidence that their solar PV or battery storage system will be installed to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Remember, to be eligible for government rebates in the form of STCs, your system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer.

If you’re buying from an Approved Solar Retailer, you can rest assured that your system’s installers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

How to find an Accredited Solar Installer


To find a qualified and reliable solar or battery storage system installer in your area, use the Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer tool to find who has been certified and trained to meet industry best practice standards as well as all relevant Australian Standards.

You can search by location, or if you already have a specific installer in mind, you can search by their name to verify their accreditation with the CEC. By choosing a CEC-accredited installer like Hardy Solar and Electrical, you can ensure that your system is installed or serviced to the highest standards of quality and safety.