High Quality Tier 1 Solar Panels

Experience the power of Tier 1 solar panels. Our high-quality panels ensure maximum efficiency and long-lasting energy production for your home or business. Join the solar revolution with our trusted team and start saving on your energy bills today

We generally use the Tier 1 solar panels List created by Bloomberg New Energy Finance as a guide as to which panels should be installed. They have thoroughly assessed all the major solar panel brands to work out which panels have the best reputation, quality etc. for the purposes of “bankability”.

If a client requests a certain Solar Panel we can accommodate them, however, we suggest only using Tier 1 Solar Panels.

What Are Tier 1 Solar Panels?

Many of the cheaper panels on the market are cheap for a reason. It is important to understand why they are so much cheaper than other systems on the market. There are panels available in Australia that are less than half the price of other panels available. “Tier 1” Panels are panels which have met certain criteria to ensure they are a “safe” investment.

Just remember, when it comes to cheap solar panels – if it seems to good to be true it probably is!

Here are the quality-proven solar panels that we use

Do not be naive to think that every panel is the same. Do your research; ask lots of questions to ensure you are getting the best quality products and the best value system.

7 Points to look out for when purchasing solar panels:

  1. Are the solar panel’s salt mist warranted?
  2. Are the solar panel’s ammonia corrosion warranted?
  3. Are the solar panels’ cyclone proof?
  4. Who provides the warranty for the solar panels and where is the warranty held?
  5. How long have the solar panel manufacturers been operating?
  6. What is the process for warranty replacements if you are not in business?
  7. The quality of the Inverter.

Choosing a quality inverter for your solar system

An inverter is massively important when you choose your solar system products. If the inverter fails – your system STOPS PRODUCING POWER. No power means NO SAVINGS!

So it’s vital you choose a highly reliable inverter with a strong, fast warranty system in place – so if for some reason you do have problems with it, the company will get it fixed for you ASAP.

Many times in the past, dodgy inverter companies sold thousands of units which literally blew up after a year and then the company unsurprisingly went out of business – leaving thousands of customers in the lurch.