At Hardy Electrical & Solar we offer a range of solar panels and inverters to suit all budgets. Our prices are always extremely competitive.

All the products we use are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited and all of our installers have electrical contractors licenses as well as being CEC approved.

We prefer to only install Tier One solar panels from the most reputable manufacturers in the world. We also only stock inverters from the most technologically advanced global manufacturers. However, if a customer has a specific solar panel or inverter they would like to use we are more than happy to accommodate them.

All of our products come with market leading warranties with localised service support. Being a small owner operated business we pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service and support which is proudly highlighted by a long list of very happy customers.

Aside from solar panels and inverters we also work extremely hard to make sure every individual component installed in your home is the highest quality. This includes isolators, circuit breakers, rails for your roof and electrical cables. All of this equipment is brand name and market leading. This is where a lot of other companies will try save on costs by using far inferior components that can lead to problems down the track.

Importance of Quality

Purchasing a solar system can be a very difficult task. Finding quality solar panels is even harder.

Surely a 5kW system is the same as another 5kW system? All panels seem to have a 25 year warranty so it’s ok if something goes wrong? Not quite… Most companies will use classic sales tactics that guarantee their products are the ones setting the standards and have unmatched quality. When you hear this from 3 or 4 different companies it makes you start to wonder. People throw around the ‘German Engineering’ term now like its second nature.