Hardy Solar have installed thousands of panels in the Tweed region and hundreds of systems in and around Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484. Installing Murwillumbah solar panels is one of the main things we do. And as such, we are very good at it!

Just take a look at some of the recent solar panel installations we’ve done in Murwillumbah!

Our solar panel prices can’t be beaten either. But we’re NOT your “cheap-as-chips” solar installer either. We make sure our customers are ALL well looked after with quality products, unbreakable warranties and good after-sales service. As a local company near Murwillumbah, we have a reputation which is very important to us. And you can see from our many reviews that customers all over the region are impressed with the service we offer.

Our Murwillumbah solar panel customers enjoy great savings on their power bills. In Murwillumbah most of our solar customers have almost no power bill left. Because of the government incentives, usually customers get a rebate around 40% of the total system value.

Solar Production in Murwillumbah (2484)

Hardy Solar install the best equipment available globally – on local roofs. A solar system will produce a different amount of energy based on the location geographically, the orientation and pitch of the roof it’s mounted on and also based on whether shading is present.

System Size 10° pitch 15° pitch 20° pitch 25° pitch 30° pitch 35° pitch
4kW 6,085kWh 6,179kWh 6,234kWh 6,250kWh 6,228kWh 6,167kWh
5kW 7,606kWh 7,724kWh 7,793kWh 7,813kWh 7,785kWh 7,708kWh
6.6kW 10,040kWh 10,195kWh 10,286kWh 10,313kWh 10,276kWh 10,176kWh
10kW 15,213kWh 15,448kWh 15,585kWh 15,625kWh 15,570kWh 15,418kWh
30kW 45,638kWh 46,343kWh 46,755kWh 46,875kWh 46,710kWh 46,253

You can see from the above table that the best pitch for Murwillumbah solar panels is around 25 degrees. Installing your panels at the best pitch can equal BIG savings! In this case (compared to 10 degrees) you get an extra 2.4% generation. Imagining an average saving of $1,800 per year – for 25 years, that’s an extra $1,080!

It helps to have installers who realise the importance of the little things!